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At the studio, sign up for private one-on-one lessons, or bring a friend and take advantage of a duet offering. Already familiar with pilates movements? Sign up for a mat class and enjoy working out with an intimate group of no more than ten people. With their skilled eyes for movement, our instructors will closely monitor your form and take you through exercises appropriate for YOUR body. We are equipped with state of the art reformers, trapeze table, chairs as well as other accessories to aid in your movement session.

Come visit our beautiful studio and learn to move BETTER!

Allison Hanson is trained in Polestar Pilates and passionate about sharing her expertise to improve your quality of life.

Allison is incredibly passionate about helping people to move better. Her extensive training and dedication to continual learning is apparent. She has designed our studio to provide a peaceful environment, ensuring that your time with her is restorative.

Monday Mat class @ 9 am:  This is a beginner to intermediate mat class that uses small props and is friendly to those with bone density issues as well as arthritis.  The goal is for people to walk out with more energy and movement capabilities than when they walk in!

Friday Oov class at 9 am:  Designed as a restorative class with a focus on creating space through breath, basic Pilates movements, and flow; this class is appropriate for all levels of skill/comfort with the Oov.

Friday Oov class at 10:30:  This is an intermediate Oov class best attended by those who have had 6 months+ of experience with the Oov in all planes of motion.  We use small props in addition to the Oov and challenge balance, coordination, proprioception, strength and flexibility.  And?  We have a lot of fun!


Elise Heitkamp is a professional dancer with Missouri contemporary ballet. She is trained in mat and reformer classes.

Wednesdays at 4:30: This mat class is an athletic intermediate level class with many options to modify each exercise as needed. Class moves at a quicker pace with strict emphasis on form and technique with lots of hands on application and correction. Various props are used for classes including small weights, magic circles, stability balls, and therabands to add support, and to diversify the needs of each individual. This class uses an outline of traditional Pilates exercises while adding twists and challenges to make you feel longer, stronger and have fun while doing it. 

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