Tai Chi

Tai Chi originated in China as a martial art.  In our time, it is practiced as an effective exercise for health.  Tai Chi employs mindfulness strategies, slow fluid movements and intentional weight shifting in an upright position.  The practice of Tai Chi can produce health benefits that include decreased pain, and improved balance, strength and flexibility.

Tai Chi

Lori Rawlings is our Tai Chi instructor at the wellness center and only opens the class to current physical therapy patients.  This is intentionally done so that the class can be used to reinforce corrective patterns for those working on specific muscles imbalances.  The classes are also limited in size to ensure that proper modifications can be made while still maintaining momentum in the class.  Core strengthening in fundamental positions, tai chi forms and principles will be offered.

Please call our office at 573-607-2728 to inquire about class schedules or check out our facebook page Mindful Movement Wellness Center.

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