• Covid 19 WAIVER for Mindful Movement

    4603 John Garry Dr. Ste 15. Columbia MO 65203
  • In light of the current pandemic, please adhere to the following guidelines when attending a session at the Mindful Movement Wellness Center studio:

    ·      I agree to wear a mask.  One will be provided if needed.

    ·      I agree to practice social distancing to the best of my ability when encountering others at the studio (attempting a 6 foot           distance)

    ·      I agree to wait in my car until the time of my appointment and to leave my appointment when finished as to minimize the           number of people in the waiting area/studio unnecessarily

    ·      I agree to cancel/reschedule my appointment if I have experienced any fever, dry cough or any other symptoms associated         with this virus

    ·      I agree to disclose any high-risk contacts if the situation arises

    ·      I agree to wait 14 days after airplane travel to return to the studio


    Mindful Movement employees will:

    ·      Wear a mask

    ·      Provide hand sanitizing stations

    ·      Clean bathrooms regularly

    ·      Use UVC light for additional sanitation in addition to wiping down equipment/surfaces regularly

    ·      Monitor CDC guidelines and adapt expectations/behaviors accordingly

  • By typing your name and clicking "SUBMIT" above you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions set forth.

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